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EFT Tapping For Emotional Healing

Acupuncture Without Needles

Popularly known as “tapping”, the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT Tapping is used by practitioners worldwide to relieve a wide range of mental, emotional and physiological issues. It was developed by Gary Craig in the 1990s and quickly rose in popularity thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness.

Eastern medicine recognises the body’s energy meridians and its impact on your well-being. When they are out of balance, you will feel unwell and disease sets in. Fortunately, the meridians respond to therapeutic intervention such as acupuncture in traditional chinese medicine.

Like acupuncture, EFT stimulates the meridians with a distinct difference: No needles and no special equipment is required. You already have everything you need.

EFT Tapping Is Evidence-Based

The popularity of EFT has attracted significant research from the scientific community. Results of clinical trials show that EFT is effective as a therapeutic modality for self-healing.

Doing EFT costs next to nothing so why hesitate? It only takes a few minutes of your time.

How Can EFT Tapping Help Me?

EFT Tapping is a Swiss army knife that can be applied to almost any issue. It is supremely effective on healing emotional pain (eg. I feel rejected) and breaking down belief systems (eg. I am worthless).

For physical issues such as abdominal pain and neck ache, EFT will work if its root cause is an emotional issue.

EFT is also very popular for stress and anxiety relief, and also healing trauma of many sorts. My healing journey writeup will give you more insight.

Can I Do EFT Tapping By Myself?

YES! That is the point of EFT. However, learning a new skill can be overwhelming if you’re bogged down with work and disease. We can jumpstart your healing journey by showing you the right way to do EFT and how to avoid the pitfalls.

If you’d rather DIY, consider reading EFT books by Nick Ortner. Gary Craig’s emofree.com also has the resources to get you started.

What Is An EFT Tapping Session Like?

The first session lasts 90min and costs $100 (2022 rate). We’ll introduce you to EFT and how to apply it to your issues. With this knowledge, you can start to do EFT on your own. If a follow-up is necessary, the hourly rate applies.

The therapy itself starts with a healing statement crafted around your core issue. As you tap on the key meridians, you repeat the statement in your mind and mentally replay the trauma. As you do so, the emotional charges gradually lessen resulting in a happier you.

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