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Juggling work, family and personal commitments can be challenging. Over time, it eats away at your body, mind and soul.

Mental health issues are on the rise, affecting a staggering one in seven people in Singapore. Chronic illness in both the young and the elderly is also becoming more prevalent. You can nip this in the bud.

Radiant Flow offers effective and targeted holistic healing to restore your wellbeing.

The therapies we provide help with anything from anxiety relief to helping you to achieve greater heights. Let us make your problems a distant memory and your recovery swift and complete.

Find your true self, once more.

Achieve your personal best by growing your awareness

Heal yourself naturally with wholesome nutrition

Release pent-up emotions thru your body’s meridians

Gently recalibrate your body with energy healing

Explore the past to heal deep-seated trauma in the present

Heal challenging issues with the power of hypnosis

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At Radiant Flow, we recognise your innate ability for rapid and complete healing.

By harnessing the power of your mind, we help you treat your deepest wounds leaving you feeling empowered and stronger than before.

As a certified coach, I have a keen interest to empower and motivate individuals to reach their fullest potential.

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Life Coach

Having experienced numerous illnesses myself, I can relate to your personal difficulties. Heal naturally using holistic modalities with me as your therapist.

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Holistic Healer

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Your Challenges

Radiant Flow offers services that cater a large spectrum of your healing needs.

The modalities we offer can deal with anything from enhancing self-awareness to anxiety relief to healing deep trauma. The sky is the limit because the mind is powerful enough to overcome many problems.

Don’t take our word for it. Read the testimonials from our happy clients. Your satisfaction is our promise.

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    What Clients Say About Us

    Eugene made sure I was comfortable during the session with a soft place to lay down, water to hydrate myself, and tissues in case I cried. I was guided gently and gradually into my subconscious with deep breathing and open-ended questions. We uncovered a feeling of abandonment in my childhood, with several incidents salient in my mind. At the end of the session, I was in tears as I bid farewell to my old self burdened by those feelings. It’s been months since the single regression therapy session I had with Eugene, and I haven’t had a single panic attack since then despite being put into the same situation with my boyfriend numerous times. I have to say that it definitely worked for me! Therapist Eugene was very professional and caring throughout. It was an eye-opening experience and one I’d love to have again if needed.

    Ruyin Music Teacher

    Eugene has a mediating power that heals an impatient behaviour, I managed to slow down my thoughts and can think clearer after 2 weeks. After the first session, I was less anxious and my heart felt lighter. He continuously sent his reiki energy in the evening and this has improved my sleep. I could fall asleep faster and wake up feeling hopeful and rested.

    Moh Product Manager

    I had Fern as a life coach for quite a few sessions. She is a very easy person to talk to and always made the sessions comfortable and open. The sessions with her have guided me to navigate through my thoughts and sometimes provide alternatives to address the issues. Through that process, it allowed me to see a clearer picture of the situation or matter.

    Vanessa Logistics Executive

    I had a few coaching sessions with Fern on a pro-bono basis and she helped me overcome the obstacles in my life. She is an amazing life coach. Not only is she empathetic and professional, she assisted me in unblocking some issues which allowed me to find those answers to move forward in life. I've noticed that I am able to love that person again. Thank you again, Fern. You've given me confidence and clarity in life.

    Joyce Director

    Ms. Fern provided coaching services to me from October to December 2020 via Zoom. The sessions were the most beneficial for me to identify the crux of an issue that I was struggling with. As Ms. Fern was highly perceptive and collected, the chats with her allowed me to navigate my emotions and thoughts in an effective and healthy way.

    Andie Research Scientist

    I know Eugene for 2 years since he first started his journey into Regression Therapy. He possesses many admirable strengths and qualities which I like to acknowledge. Eugene is meticulous and prepares well to ensure my comfort during the sessions. He is always reassuring, non-judgemental and patient. Being fully at ease, I was able to benefit from the therapy. My back pain, which was with me for a while despite medical intervention has subsided much. I was able to go about my daily life routines like before. A big thank you Eugene for showing me the way.

    Bibi Homemaker

    I had my 1st ever past life Regression therapy with Eugene. I was impressed with how thorough he was in prepping me for the session. Doing an extensive pre-session call to understand what I hoped to get out of the session and thoroughly explaining how the session would go and what to expect. He also took the time to do extra research in areas which I had specific interest in, and shared many reading materials with me to prepare me for the session which I really appreciate. I found out later that he trained as an engineer, I can see how that comes through in his attention to ensure that the session goes well. Thank you very much for the session.

    Debra Actor
    Radiant Flow

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