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In a world where a growing burden of mental health problems affects an alarming one in seven people in Singapore, and chronic diseases continue to afflict individuals of all ages, it is essential to employ solutions that nip this in the bud.

We recognise the tremendous strain placed upon individuals living in our modern society. Balancing work, studies, family obligations, and personal commitments can gradually erode your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. However, you have the power to reclaim your health.

At Radiant Flow, our dedicated team offers a range of effective and targeted holistic therapies, backed by clinical evidence, to support your journey towards restoration.

Our therapies are specifically designed to address depression and anxiety and also to empower you in achieving your personal goals. We are committed to helping you leave your worries behind for a swift and complete recovery.

Together, let us embark on a transformative journey where you can rediscover your true self and embrace a life filled with purpose and well-being.

Liberate yourself from stress & anxiety through clinical hypnosis

Unblock the flow of life energy through your body's meridians

Discover from past lives profound answers to inexplicable challenges

Embrace the symphony of healing using sound to awaken your well-being

Restore your balance and vitality with the power of energy healing

Unleash your full potential by expanding your awareness

Harness the power of nutrition to ignite your healing journey

Immerse yourself in the profound healing energies of reiki & sound therapy

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Embrace your innate capacity for profound healing at Radiant Flow. Through the integration of mind and body, we empower you to heal your deepest wounds, unlocking newfound strength and empowerment. Trust in our guidance as we embark on a transformative journey together, leaving you feeling empowered, whole, and resilient.

Your healing awaits at Radiant Flow.

Feeling sick and stuck on your healing journey? I've been there too. Let me help you break free with Hypnotherapy, Reiki & Nutrition. You deserve to heal.

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As a certified coach, I have a keen interest to empower and motivate individuals to reach their fullest potential.

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Life Coach

Feeling stuck and lost? Let me guide you on a transformative healing journey. Uncover your potential with hypnotherapy, sound healing, and Reiki.

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Optimal health transcends mere absence of ailment, encompassing a holistic state of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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Experience a diverse range of transformative healing modalities at Radiant Flow, tailored to meet your unique needs.

Unlock the power of hypnotherapy, also known as clinical hypnosis, to overcome deep-seated trauma and negative beliefs. Discover the profound insights of past life regression therapy to conquer the unexplained fear of flying. Seeking relief from stress and anxiety? Explore the transformative benefits of EFT Tapping or reiki healing. The possibilities are endless!

Don’t just take our word for it! Hear directly from our delighted clients through their heartfelt testimonials. Your satisfaction is our unwavering commitment.

Take the first step towards your well-being by contacting us for a complimentary 30-minute wellness consultation. Let us embark on this journey of healing and transformation together.

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    What Clients Say About Us


    I feel lighter and able to focus on my tasks. I feel I am more assertive than before. I use to just tolerate and keep quiet even when I feel something was wrong - now I speak up more. The emotional burden has been lifted and I feel liberated from the chains of the past.

    Shirley Manager

    Ms Lim

    Eugene is professional, sincere, trustworthy and go all out to help my son. My 13 yr old son is very introvert (86%) and turbulent (79%). He tried very hard in both academic and CCA however he has too much fear and lots of worries everyday, hence he is not able to focus in everything he do. Thank you Eugene's hypnosis to help him face the fear in a safe space and let it go. Thus he has less fear now to face his daily life. Thank you for teaching him with heart on how to do self hypnosis and EFT tapping, so he is fully equiped with this valuable tool for his life. Thank you so much Eugene! Highly recommended.

    Ms Lim Homemaker

    Very detailed hypnotherapy session that is long enough to resolve issues at the root! I feel more calm after the first session and I'm no longer anxious at work, which is something I have been trying to overcome for years. I am surprised by how fast it works.

    Ms. PS

    I had several Reiki sessions with Chin Mei. Though I experienced varying positive sensations during each session, one central tenant among all of them is that her approach and energy felt grounding and centering. If I had any blocking in my chakra before each session her Reiki produced a notable improvement directly after each session. I would always feel relaxed and charged with positivity and acceptance. Chin Mei exudes kind, calm, and compassionate energy. Her approach is empathetic and patient, which I personally prefer in a healer, and this encouraged healing and acceptance within me and acceptance of a technique I was somewhat skeptical about. I am no longer a skeptic.


    I feel like meeting Mei was a destiny, it was at the time of my life when I decided to start getting rid of negative influences in my life and in pursue of spiritual awakening. Her knowledge & healing gifts are exceptional and on another level of anyone I have encountered. She whom I look up to like a big sister, has guided me through my spiritual journey in ways that I never thought possible. I have had the pleasure of having Reiki work done by Mei and I highly recommend her. After a period of immense stress and anxiety due to problems in my personal and professional life, I could feel the negativity affected my body and mind greatly. The moment her hands were placed above my body, I felt a surge of warm healing energy and felt immediately at peace. After the session, she checked my chakras with her pendulum and found that all my chakras are finally improved and balanced. I felt more positive than ever before, and suddenly these positive feelings attracted abundance I never thought would ever come. The mind and spirit are such powerful healers, you should give it a try with an open mind.


    For the past one year, I felt very lost and depressed, I even have completely lost the passion for everything in my life and had the thought of to end my life. Until I met Chin Mei, she did Reiki and Sound Healing sessions for me, and the experience was amazing! After the sessions, I can feel more relaxed and calmer. Moreover, Chin Mei helped me to find myself and made me understand myself more than before. Her professionalism made the whole process very comfortable and stress-free. I appreciate Chin Mei’s every effort to help me feel better and I would highly recommend Chin Mei to everyone.

    Min Min

    Mei is a super compassionate therapist which during every session she guided me in a deeper level to peel off past trauma, and to understand what the root cause is, even before and after session, she patiently explained the process and what to expect, so it felt like talking to a very compassionate friend that you can trust to have your healing journey with, without fear of being judged.


    Chin Mei is an absolutely amazing human being and therapist! She was able to help me see myself from a different perspective and holds space without judgment, even shedding light to areas that I wasn't aware of before. I have learnt much from Chin Mei and appreciate how she puts her utmost best into everything she does with the purest intention. She is certainly a professional who keeps a high standard, and I couldn't be more grateful to have met her on my journey!


    I am much more in the flow - better understanding the nuances of different things that come to me, having clarity in deciding whether those things are important / not important to me, and re-centering my needs as the highest priority. The shifts (after hypnotherapy) have also resulted in: (1) trying to understand what has happened in the past, (2) resulting in consolidation of my thoughts, (3) vastly improved clarity on my role in the larger scheme of things, (4) increased confidence to move forward in certain directions, (5) open doors to help from friends and family, (6) more doors of opportunities open up I found myself engaging with people I didn't know, so effortlessly. I think the two sessions we had, have given me back a good deal of the mojo I had lost over the past 2 plus years. The two sessions, along with the combined other external factors contributed to this upswing in internal confidence.

    "David" Executive

    Eugene made sure I was comfortable during the session with a soft place to lay down, water to hydrate myself, and tissues in case I cried. I was guided gently and gradually into my subconscious with deep breathing and open-ended questions. We uncovered a feeling of abandonment in my childhood, with several incidents salient in my mind. At the end of the session, I was in tears as I bid farewell to my old self burdened by those feelings. It’s been months since the single regression therapy session I had with Eugene, and I haven’t had a single panic attack since then despite being put into the same situation with my boyfriend numerous times. I have to say that it definitely worked for me! Therapist Eugene was very professional and caring throughout. It was an eye-opening experience and one I’d love to have again if needed.

    Ruyin Music Teacher

    Eugene has a mediating power that heals an impatient behaviour, I managed to slow down my thoughts and can think clearer after 2 weeks. After the first session, I was less anxious and my heart felt lighter. He continuously sent his reiki energy in the evening and this has improved my sleep. I could fall asleep faster and wake up feeling hopeful and rested.

    Moh Product Manager

    I had Fern as a life coach for quite a few sessions. She is a very easy person to talk to and always made the sessions comfortable and open. The sessions with her have guided me to navigate through my thoughts and sometimes provide alternatives to address the issues. Through that process, it allowed me to see a clearer picture of the situation or matter.

    Vanessa Logistics Executive

    I had a few coaching sessions with Fern on a pro-bono basis and she helped me overcome the obstacles in my life. She is an amazing life coach. Not only is she empathetic and professional, she assisted me in unblocking some issues which allowed me to find those answers to move forward in life. I've noticed that I am able to love that person again. Thank you again, Fern. You've given me confidence and clarity in life.

    Joyce Director

    Ms. Fern provided coaching services to me from October to December 2020 via Zoom. The sessions were the most beneficial for me to identify the crux of an issue that I was struggling with. As Ms. Fern was highly perceptive and collected, the chats with her allowed me to navigate my emotions and thoughts in an effective and healthy way.

    Andie Research Scientist

    I know Eugene for 2 years since he first started his journey into Regression Therapy. He possesses many admirable strengths and qualities which I like to acknowledge. Eugene is meticulous and prepares well to ensure my comfort during the sessions. He is always reassuring, non-judgemental and patient. Being fully at ease, I was able to benefit from the therapy. My back pain, which was with me for a while despite medical intervention has subsided much. I was able to go about my daily life routines like before. A big thank you Eugene for showing me the way.

    Bibi Homemaker

    I had my 1st ever past life Regression therapy with Eugene. I was impressed with how thorough he was in prepping me for the session. Doing an extensive pre-session call to understand what I hoped to get out of the session and thoroughly explaining how the session would go and what to expect. He also took the time to do extra research in areas which I had specific interest in, and shared many reading materials with me to prepare me for the session which I really appreciate. I found out later that he trained as an engineer, I can see how that comes through in his attention to ensure that the session goes well. Thank you very much for the session.

    Debra Actor
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