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Reiki healing is an age-old energy healing modality that originated in Japan and flourished in the Western world. Inviting this subtle energy into your life positively influences practically anything you set your mind to – stress relief, improve a relationship or simply just to feel more vital.

These claims aren’t purely anecdotal. Research agrees that Reiki positively impacts patients who opt for such therapy.

Everything in the universe is energy and so is Reiki. Reiki works by sending untapped subtle energy from the universe towards your intended destination. Reiki sent to a person recharges the life force in her energy field. This is known in different cultures as Qi, Ki and Prana.

What Happens During A Reiki Session?

A Reiki practitioner is someone who is attuned and trained to channel energy towards an individual in need.

During the hour-long session, you will first be introduced to the modality. Afterwards, you set an intent to heal your problem (eg. knee pain or for a better relationship) and lie down with your eyes closed. At this point, you relax and enjoy the process.

If being physically present is inconvenient, you can opt for distance-healing. In the comforts of your room, you can experience the same Reiki energy as you would in a physical session. Reiki can even be sent while you sleep but it’s best avoided when you’re operating machinery to avoid an accident.

The Reiki Healing Experience

Every person’s experience with Reiki is varied. Some may feel warmth while some may feel an emotional release. Some may enter a calm meditative state and some may even feel nothing at all. There isn’t a straight answer.

Whether or not you sense something, you will always be receiving Reiki and it’s doing its work on you. Not feeling anything means the changes are subtle, just like you may feel nothing after taking Vitamin C.

The healing may also occur after the session. You may experience a mild detox or the flare up of existing conditions. In simple parlance, it is a healing reaction. Congratulations if you experience a detox! It is a blessing because it means Reiki is working hard for you.

What Is Reiki Known To Help With?

The common applications of Reiki is on stress and anxiety, fatigue, pain management, recovery from physical trauma, insomnia and depression. It can also help to improve relationships and ensure the success of your business venture.

Truthfully, Reiki helps with anything. It heals by charging the receiver’s energy field with positive energy, gently purging out the negative energy. Think of it as a gentle scrub. Regular Reiki is like scrubbing a little bit daily to chip away the stain until the floor is clean.

How Long Does The Reiki Healing Take?

Three sessions are recommended for beginners for proper healing to happen. We also recommend that the first session done in-person for the complete experience. Subsequent sessions can be done remotely.

On simple issues like pain, results are usually quickly noticeable. Complete healing may take days, weeks or months depending on the complexity of the issue.

If you find the Reiki beneficial, use it to work on other issues!

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