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Eat To Heal With Food And Nutrition

Our world is a highly challenging one to live in. Apart from the obvious sources of stress from work and family commitments, we have to battle the invisible toxins and pathogens in our food and the environment.

Toxins? Pathogens? Absolutely! Our visible environment may look superficially clean but in it lurks toxins and pathogens old and new. The mercury and the lead from the days of yore still circulate around, ending up in your food and in the air. Countless pathogens have evolved over time to become more virulent and to wreak more havoc.

Singapore and many developed nations are observing an increase in mental health issues and chronic illness is both the young and the elderly. This is not a coincidence. Our bodies are chock full of toxins and pathogens that mess with our mind and body.

Does Science Have The Answers?

Feeling chronically lethargic and down with severe eczema, you may have attempted the popular keto diet which helped but got you nowhere. Perhaps motivation is in your blood and you went on to try several more diets from the paleo diet to raw veganism. Again, the same thing.

Every one of these diets were backed by science and proven to help so many people. What happened? I know exactly how you feel because I spent more than a decade shadowboxing with science. These diets don’t work because they fail to recognise the presence of toxins, pathogens and troublemaker foods. The science-backed diets were formulated with good intention but unfortunately they are flawed. You will find dead-ends in many of them.

What’s worse is the science is derived from poor research and we’re none the wiser. They find their way into popular literature, turning the most well-intentioned books and blogs into agents of misinformation.

Heal With Food And Nutrition

The Medical Medium Anthony William offers radical healing knowledge that sets itself apart from conventional science-backed wisdom.

Make living, water-rich fruits the cornerstone of your diet. Avoid troublemaker foods such as gluten, soy, corn, dairy and fat-laden meats to stop feeding the pathogens. Drink celery juice to nourish and detoxify the body. Consume healing foods and supplements to purge toxins and pathogens from the body. That’s all there is to it in a nutshell!

By and large, thousands of people have recovered from chronic illness by following the Medical Medium’s healing protocols. Using the same protocols, I have helped many people, including myself and my family, to successfully overcome debilitating chronic illnesses.

The answer to great health is right under our noses. That is the Medical Medium and you need not look any further.

Can I DIY The Medical Medium Protocols?

Absolutely! The crucial information you need can be found on the Medical Medium website. For a deeper understanding of how it works, his books offer a wealth of information. Every one of his books is worth reading ten times over.

What’s best is every ingredient in his healing protocols can be found in your local supermarket and health food store. There is no exception.

However, you chronic health issues are causing you to suffer so badly that you want immediate relief. Here is where I can be of service to you.

Radiant Flow Is Here To Help

As a seasoned Medical Medium practitioner with more than a decade of experience bio-hacking with detoxes and diets, I understand nutrition inside out and how it affects the mind and body. I can save you from enduring the pitfalls and short-circuit you to the fastest route to complete recovery. In other words, rest assured that your healing will be swift and complete with minimal pain.

How would you like to turbocharge your health and take it to the next level?

If the answer is a resounding “YES!”, I stand ready at your service.

What’s In It For Me?

The Nutrition Consulting package is tailor-made to your health goals. Be it to eliminate chronic illness or to optimise your well-being of your mind and body, I will team up with you to achieve those goals together. The sky is the limit!

In the first session, I will lay out the Medical Medium protocol and download the knowledge to you to get started immediately. Subsequently, I will even do grocery shopping with you if you need me to.

Once you get started, I will regularly check in to monitor your progress and advise you on the next course of action. You will never be alone in your journey.

If you’d like to do it with friends and family, contact us and we’ll work something out!

By the end of it, you and your mates will be fully empowered to do this on your own.

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