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The Sublime Subconscious

Humans are always in a natural state of hypnosis which is defined as “a state of consciousness in which a person is highly responsive to suggestion”. In every second, a slick salesman made someone buy their product while another one gets scammed. The exponential rise in love scams in Singapore says a lot!

Dr Joe Dispenza suggested that our brain can process a 400 billion bits of information per second and we’re merely conscious of 2,000 bits. Our subconscious mind is a staggering 200 million times more powerful than the conscious mind! The subconscious mind is the autopilot that handles everything from your heartbeat to your canned response “yeah ok” to your spouse. Every non-conscious action is an action made in hypnosis.

If the subconscious mind is guilty as charged, who programs its software? Parents, teachers and peers. The software that defines us today is essentially our childhood programming.

A Young Mind Is Programmed

The subconscious mind doesn’t question and takes in things at face value. The conscious mind is the gatekeeper to the subconscious mind. However, the conscious mind of a child is little to non-existent. Have you seen the blank stare of a newborn?

The gatekeeper might be weak but it’s for a good reason. A baby learns through mimicry, rapidly picking up survival skills from their parents. Inadvertently, parents (also in a state of hypnosis) also transfer undesirable traits to the child. If your parents drilled into you that money is the root of all evil, financial success will never find you.

Why else do you think people say you’re just like your mom?

The software in your subconscious mind governs your unconscious perception of the world. Insofar as it makes you a mathematical genius, it ruins lucrative business opportunities because deep down you believe that “money is evil”. Being millions of times more powerful than the conscious mind, the subconscious always wins if their desires are in conflict.

Brute willpower NEVER works.

Make Hypnosis Work Hard For You Through Hypnotherapy

The good news is hypnosis is a double-edged sword. Hypnosis got you in trouble but hypnosis can similarly get you out of the rut.

Welcome to hypnotherapy.

During therapy, you’ll be taken into a trance not unlike a deep and pleasant meditative state. In this hyper-suggestible state, the therapist plants suggestions to recondition your subconscious mind that the financial success is the abundance you deserve to have.

In time, the phobia loses its grip as you keep listening to the session recording.

Goodbye phobia. Hello to newfound financial success! In an ironic twist, hypnotherapy actually dehypnotises you!

Will I Lose Consciousness During Therapy?

No you won’t! This is a regrettable misconception that hypnosis knocks you out and puts you under the hypnotist’s thumb with no ability to resist. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact you must stay conscious to process whatever floats up from your subconscious mind.

Truth it, the hypnotic trance is a deep meditative state. You are fully capable of accepting or rejecting the therapist suggestions.

What Can Hypnotherapy Help With?

Hypnotherapy helps with a wide range of personal problems!

Hypnotherapy works with your mind, bringing relief to mental and emotional issues such as fear, depression and negative beliefs about money. It also works for physical problems such as teeth grinding, jaw clenching and chronic fatigue.

The modality is well-known to help with these problems: phobias, nightmares, eating disorders, anxiety, stress, digestive issues, addictions, fear of public speaking, low self-esteem, sinusitis, incontinence, weight loss, smoking, insomnia, poor sex drive.

In Singapore, the modality may not be well-publicised but it is more popular than it meets the eye. A 2013 article by The New Paper reveals that parents have routinely been sending children for hypnotherapy before exams. The Straits Times also published a feature in 2017 with a senior psychiatrist acknowledging the effectiveness of hypnotherapy. More recently in 2021, watching Bling Empire’s episode on hypnotherapy led AsiaOne journalist Candice Cai to give it a go.

Can The Sessions Be Done Online?

Yes it can! However, a physical session is recommended for the most desirable outcome. This is because certain interventions are only possible in-person. If you reside in Singapore, do consider a session in the clinic. If you’re out of Singapore, an online session can certainly be arranged.

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