Resolve Deep-Rooted Issues through Hypnotherapy

Behold the Power of the Subconscious Mind

Dr. Joe Dispenza revealed that our mind processes 400 billion bits of information per second while being consciously aware of a mere 2,000 bits. What this means is our incredible subconscious mind is more powerful than our conscious faculties by 200 million-fold!

Reflect for a moment. The subconscious mind, like an expert pilot, governs our heartbeat and guides us through the roads of life. Every instinctive action arises from this seemingly hypnotic state.

Who writes the script of the subconscious mind? Why are we what we are today?

Truth is, our upbringing shapes the software of our being. The way we think and behave today are sculpted by parents, teachers, and peers. Effectively, we are the sum of our childhood programming.

How Parents Unknowingly Program A Child’s Mind

The subconscious mind is where beliefs take root without question. It absorbs information, uninhibited by doubt. The conscious mind is the sentinel that stands guard at the gateway of our awareness.

Yet, within the tender consciousness of a child, the gatekeeper is but a faint presence. The blank, innocent gaze of a newborn tells you that its conscious mind is yet to fully awaken.

This absence serves an important purpose. As a child enters this world, it must swiftly adapt and navigate the challenges of existence. Through mimicry, it absorbs the survival skills of its parents like a sponge. However, parents may inadvertently pass on undesirable beliefs. If they instill the belief that money is the root of all evil, financial success may forever elude their child.

The software of the subconscious mind shapes our perception of reality. It holds the power to unlock our hidden genius or sabotage the greatest opportunities, silently influencing our choices. Deep within, a belief may linger, whispering that “money is the root of all evil,” casting a shadow over our aspirations.

In this profound dance between conscious and subconscious, it is the latter that ultimately prevails. The brute force of conscious willpower alone cannot withstand its subliminal, yet powerful influence.

Yet, take heart, for the subconscious mind can be rewired and reprogrammed. It can be transformed into a beacon of empowerment, guiding us towards the realisation of our dreams. By unlocking its true potential, we unleash the indomitable force that lies within.

You can embrace this timeless wisdom and harness the might of your subconscious mind. Align it with your deepest desires, and watch as the extraordinary unfolds before you. The power is yours to wield, and the victory is within your reach.

Regain Control of Your Life with Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis holds the key to your liberation. Just as it led you astray, it can also guide you back onto the path of triumph.

Welcome to the realm of hypnotherapy.

The “hypno” in hypnotherapy is hypnosis which is a trance that feels like deep meditation. In this heightened state of suggestibility, the skilled therapist plants the seeds of positive beliefs in your subconscious mind. They gently recondition your beliefs, revealing the truth that financial success and abundance are your birthright.

The shackles of negative beliefs that once held you captive now give way to a future of prosperity and abundance. In this wondrous twist of fate, hypnotherapy serves as the catalyst that dehypnotises your mind from the limitations that once bound you.

Victoria had been suffering from depression for over 14 years, and tried every conventional therapy there is. Learn how in just 2 hypnotherapy sessions, she incredulously overcame depression and food cravings!

Sean’s life is forever changed after cutting off the chains of his past mental and emotional baggage!

Hear from Ruyin how hypnotherapy helped her surmount a crippling depression that took her to the lowest point in her life.


Peak Performance Coach Hyder is mind-blown after hypnotherapy eliminated his public-speaking nervousness and other breakthroughs in his business.

Healing Your Inner Children

Children are simple-minded creatures and lack the emotional tools to handle adversity at their age. What may be easy for us as adults to handle can be challenging for a 5-year-old to accept.

Picture this: a group of rowdy children bully a young 5-year-old, telling him he’s fat and ugly. The child feels judged and loses his confidence. He develops a belief that he’ll never be good enough to have friends. In adulthood, he gets a panic attack every time he senses that someone is judging him. His heart races and his mind goes blank because this feeling reminds him of the bullying he faced as a child.

This is known as an inner child. It’s the child that never found its way out of the rut and remained frozen in the psyche of the adult. The only way to effectively release this is through hypnosis, using a special technique known as inner child therapy.

At Radiant Flow, we always aim to heal your inner children because they are the root cause of your biggest problems. Once they’re discovered and completely healed, you will never be triggered again for the rest of your life.

The healing is permanent and a relapse is unheard of.

What Makes Radiant Flow’s Hypnotherapy Different?

Excellent question! Many quick and cheap hypnotherapy sessions employ suggestive techniques (aka. suggestion hypnotherapy) to reprogram the subconscious mind to drop a habit or an offending emotion.

Let’s say you have anger issues. During the session, the therapist reads a prepared script (with little to no interaction), suggesting that you “put your anger in a box and burn it” and “imagine feeling calm and composed as your condescending boss talks down at you”. At no point is the underlying root cause addressed.

This sometimes work but many times it doesn’t. Even if it does, the effects aren’t lasting because it’s merely a bandaid on the festering wound. Clients who claim that “hypnotherapy didn’t work for them” actually underwent such sessions.

Instead, you’ll experience inner child healing (see above) which aims to eliminate the root cause of your problem for lasting change. Once you’re in hypnosis, you’re guided to explore the past event that explains your deep rooted rage. Learning your problem’s root cause confers profound clarity. This heals you and the anger pattern thus stops.

Furthermore, we do not merely deliver therapy. From the 2nd session onwards, you’ll be taught self-help techniques such as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to enable you to manage your emotions and to recover faster than if you were to only come for therapy. These additional bonuses aim to help you recover as soon as possible and not to return repeatedly for therapy.

Will I Be Unconscious During Hypnotherapy?

Fear not! You will neither lose consciousness, nor relinquish your autonomy to the hypnotist. Such notions are mere illusions and far from the truth.

Reality is, the hypnotic trance is similar to a state of deep meditation, where your consciousness expands all the way back to your childhood and beyond. In this state of mind, you retain full control over your faculties, able to accept or reject the gentle suggestions of the therapist.

You remain the protagonist of this journey, guided by the skilled hand of the therapist. Throughout the session, your conscious mind remains engaged to allow you to gain the necessary insights from the therapy.

Will Hypnosis Conflict with My Religion?

Contrary to popular belief, coming for hypnotherapy will not impact your faith at all. The therapy feels very much like a deep conversation with a friend, and you’re free to accept or reject anything the therapist says. During the session, we will be revisiting memories of your childhood – a process which has no bearing on your religious faith.

Christians and Catholics have hesitated to come for a session because hypnotherapy apparently conflicted with their religion. Hypnosis techniques are actually science-backed and are not affiliated to any religion. We have worked with individuals of all major religions in Singapore and they have been pleasantly surprised by the process.

Regardless of the technique, God wants you to heal.

For more insights, read this blog post.

What Does Hypnotherapy Help With?

Hypnotherapy is an extraordinary modality that helps you overcome a vast array of personal challenges, enabling your profound healing and growth.

Hypnotherapy offers solace for a wide range of mental and emotional concerns. Release the grip of fear, banish the shadows of depression, and liberate yourself from limiting beliefs that hold you back from financial abundance. This modality further extends its healing touch to physical ailments such as teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and chronic fatigue, offering holistic relief that harmonises your mind and body.

Conquer problems such as phobias, nightmares, eating disorders, anxiety, stress, digestive issues, addictions, fear of public speaking, fear of flying, low self-esteem, sinusitis, incontinence, weight loss, smoking/vaping, insomnia, poor sex drive, and more. The possibilities are boundless! Experience the bliss of restful sleep and peace deep within when the healing effects of hypnotherapy integrates into your very being.

Moreover, hypnotherapy complements whatever therapy or medical procedure and contraindications are virtually unknown.

Is Hypnotherapy Well-Established in Singapore?

In many parts of the world, especially in America (where it is better known as hypnosis therapy) and in India, hypnotherapy is recognised and widely accepted. How about Singapore?

Parents have entrusted their children to its nurturing care before their gruelling exams, recognising its ability to unleash untapped potential. Esteemed psychiatrists have acknowledged its profound effectiveness, and courageous individuals, like AsiaOne journalist Candice Cai, have embarked on their own transformative journeys after witnessing its impact on Bling Empire. On Google, you’ll find plenty of positive reviews on hypnotherapy clinics in Singapore.

As an alternative healing modality, hypnotherapy unfortunately gets less airtime in local media. Also, the mental illness stigma in our local culture stops people short of sharing their hypnotherapy experience with friends and family. However, the growing number of glowing reviews shows that it’s well embraced in Singapore.

Will Coming for Hypnotherapy Affect My Job Prospects?

Not at all so don’t worry a thing. Coming for hypnotherapy is as “risky” as going for yoga or a sound healing session. The community of hypnosis professionals in general is not associated with the medical institutions so the sessions won’t show up in your medical records. Furthermore, I maintain client confidentiality your sessions will never be revealed in any publicly attributable way.

Do You Offer Therapy Online?

Yes, hypnotherapy can be effective through both physical and online sessions. While a physical session is generally recommended for optimal results, online sessions are also available for those who are unable to attend in person.

Certain interventions may be more feasible during an in-person session, making it the preferred option for individuals residing in Singapore. However, for those outside of Singapore, online sessions can be arranged to ensure accessibility and convenience.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

Three sessions is the bare minimum if you’re new to hypnotherapy. The first session is to diagnose your main issue and to let you get used to the process. Resolving your presenting issue (eg. anxiety) may take 1 or more sessions depending on how complex it is. Some issues have a single root cause and some have multiple root causes. It’s only through exploration during the session that we can unravel your problems and fully comprehend its severity and complexity.

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