Having experienced numerous illnesses myself, I can relate to your personal difficulties. Heal naturally using holistic modalities with me as your therapist.

Hello! I’m Eugene.

Like many of you, my health deteriorated over the years, battered by the demands of work and life. Before I knew it, my life had turned upside down.

One day years ago, I woke up sick of feeling sick and depressed from head to toe. My healing journey started that day and what a struggle it was!

I must have tried countless diets but alas I never saw complete recovery. Out of sheer desperation, I leapt into uncharted waters of EFT, Reiki and Past Life Regression. Needless to say, the experience blew my mind.

My personal healing miracles were breathtaking and what amazed me was the it was achieved drug-free. It’s not just science doesn’t have all the answers, it offers so few answers.

The rapid and miraculous healing spurred me to shine a light for others on this challenging path. Here I am today, walking the path of a therapist.

Let me guide you in your healing journey towards feeling whole and vital once again.



Holistic Healer


EFT Tapping · Past Life Regression · Reiki Healing · Hypnotherapy



  • TASSO Diploma in Transpersonal Regression Therapy
  • Certified Usui Reiki Master
  • EKAA Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (in progress)


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