Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Heals Old Trauma

I Have Tried Everything…

Are you dealing with anger whose origin you cannot pinpoint? Does your stomach inexplicably erupt in pain every time you’re on stage?

In an attempt to overcome them, you have changed everything from your diet, to your lifestyle and god forbid your home. Nothing works.

Regression therapy could be the light at the end of the tunnel.

Old Trauma Is The Root Of Countless Problems

The drama normally begins with a childhood trauma that is the root cause of your issue. Possibly, it harks back to a convoluted past life. Unresolved trauma festering in your psyche is like an old injury that never goes away.

Trauma isn’t necessarily caused by war and violent abuse. Being reprimanded by your parents at a tender age of two qualifies as trauma to the young, immature mind.

As creatures of habit, your parents repeatedly traumatise you and you develop a strong belief: placate or be punished. You become a people pleaser as an adult and anger is all that’s needed to trigger the behaviour.

Doesn’t time heal all wounds?

It’s a myth. Time doesn’t heal. Time conceals.

Regression Therapy To Heal The Past

Trauma is held in the subconscious mind as sensory fragments from your five senses and their emotional significance. When you encounter a situation today similar to the traumatic event, you get triggered and behave irrationally. You cannot comprehend why you get triggered…

The subconscious mind is infinitely more powerful than the conscious mind. When both are in conflict, the subconscious overrides the desires of the conscious mind. It always wins. When your buttons are pushed, it’s your subconscious mind that reacts with what it’s programmed to do.

Regression therapy is a great tool to heal your past for a better today.

In the session, you are guided to unearth the root cause of your problem. Long-forgotten images and feelings bubble up as you recollect the old trauma. Using your response as a cue, the therapist guides you to consciously process and heal the trauma.

Detective, guide, healer and coach – the therapist wears all hats to lead you out of your problem.

Will I Lose Consciousness During A Trance?

No, this is a misconception based on the popular idea that hypnosis puts the person in complete control of the hypnotist with no ability to resist. In fact you will need to stay conscious to process whatever your subconscious mind presents.

The truth is the hypnotic trance is a meditative state in which your subconscious mind can speak. You are fully conscious during the session to accept or reject what the therapist suggests.

Can Resurfaced Trauma Cause Harm?

Sure it can if the therapist fails to wrap up the session properly.

During the session, the therapist must remain sharp to identify traumatic moments and guide you to neutralise them.

If the session has to be terminated early, the therapist must protect the client from the opened-up trauma so that it won’t affect the client till the next session.

Rest assured that we will take care of you.

Is Regression Therapy Like Counselling?

Without getting into the weeds, there are similarities between them. Counselling works with the conscious mind and is an eyes-open therapy. Regression deep dives into the subconscious mind where trauma resides and is an eyes-closed therapy.

Research has found that trauma resides in the subconscious mind. Until it’s healed, it will cause misery to the sufferer. One is not better than the other because it’s the client has to be comfortable with the therapeutic modality.

Will I Always Visit a Past Life?

Not necessarily. The memory of a past life may surface but it is not guaranteed. As a therapist, our task is to guide you to the trauma to heal your condition. So long as you are healed, whether it is a childhood moment or a past life is inconsequential.

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