Past Life Regression Therapy takes you back in time to solve present day problems

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy: Search No Further for Answers to Your Life’s Problems

Are you faced with seemingly insurmountable barriers that hold you back? Does a haunting fear grip your soul whenever you step into an elevator or board a plane?

Despite your tireless efforts to break free, you’ve explored every avenue, from altering your diet to transforming your entire existence, yet the shackles remain.

Past Life Regression Therapy or PLRT may be what you need to guide you towards liberation. Here is where the mysteries of your long forgotten past lives are unveiled, paving the path to healing and liberation from deep-seated trauma.

What is the True Source of Our Challenges in Life?

Deep within the intricate tapestry of our lives, we discover that old wounds hold the key to countless struggles we face. It is often said that childhood experiences shape our destinies, as the tender hearts of children lack the emotional tools to navigate a tumultuous world. Trauma, in its many forms, extends far beyond the realm of war and violent abuse. Even a stern reprimand from loving parents in early childhood can leave an indelible mark, etching negative beliefs into the impressionable minds of a young mind.

Yet, the enigmatic nature of life reveals an older truth, where the answers lie not only in our immediate past but also in the hidden recesses of a convoluted past life. In Eastern religions, it’s a foregone conclusion that every living being has had countless past lives and it would be unwise to ignore it. When we open our hearts to exploring the depths of our existence, where we connect with the echoes of bygone eras, we finally open the treasure chest of the origins of our struggles.

Within this expedition lies the immense power to heal the deepest wounds and liberate ourselves from the chains of the past.

The Eternal Journey Of Our Soul

Eastern religion aside, the idea of past lives has been researched in academia. Dr Ian Stevenson, a psychiatrist by training, had written extensively in Twenty Cases Sugestive of Reincarnation about young children remembering their past lives. Some were as young as 3 years old, recalling the names of their parents, their town, and in one case, even the name of his murderer and where his body was buried. MD Jim Tucker has also written several contemporary books with fascinating stories on reincarnation.

Such discoveries fly in the face of the most cynical skeptics of past lives.

These stories reflect an undeniable truth: this earthly realm is but a single chapter in the grand tapestry of our souls. We have traversed this cosmic stage before, and we shall tread its path once more. Earth serves as a classroom for the human spirit, a realm where our souls develop and gain enlightenment. Just as we attend classes in school to expand our knowledge, here we immerse ourselves in life’s experiences, gathering wisdom and nurturing our souls towards higher levels of spirituality.

Unlike the classrooms of academia, Earth’s school carries a unique facet. With each incarnation, our memory is wiped clean, and we venture forth with no conscious memory of our previous nonphysical existence. The only thing we bring with us is our desires and tendencies.

Yet, across ancient traditions and Eastern religions, the eternal dance of reincarnation is fervently acknowledged. Through parables and sacred scriptures, they delve into the intricacies of its workings and the profound purpose it serves. We arrive on Earth not only to learn and grow but also to balance karmic debts and, at times, to uplift the very vibration of our beloved Mother Earth and its inhabitants. In each sojourn, we release old karma while, unknowingly, weaving new threads of karma, perpetuating the cycle of rebirth until we consciously strive to liberate ourselves from the confines of the Earth school.

When the challenges persist despite countless therapeutic endeavors or when the explanations within this present life fail to offer solace, it is time to delve deeper, to venture further back in time; back into past lives for answers.

Liberate Your Soul With Past Life Healing

Between our past lives and our present one, the intricate dance of karma weaves its threads that connect them together. Cause-and-effect is merely one aspect of karma. One other aspect is the desires and tendencies that we carry forward from previous lives, making us behave the way we do right from the day we’re born. As a result, facing the echoes of our past lives opens up the path to healing and liberation in the present.

Imagine, for a moment, a previous lifetime where evil obscured the light within. Perhaps you were once a cruel husband, inflicting pain upon your wife with each misstep. Today, as the cycle of reincarnation unfolds, the roles reverse, and you find yourself in the position of the mistreated. The specifics may differ, but the essence remains — you are destined to experience the pain and suffering that the pitiful wife endured.

Until you consciously learn the lesson that thou shalt not harm others, you’re doomed to repeat the pattern of mistreatment. Past Life Regression Therapy opens a gateway to the hidden depths of your soul’s journey. Through this technique, you now have the opportunity to transcend this karmic cycle by gaining the wisdom from your past life. Despite the veil of forgetfulness, every individual actually has the capability to unlock the secrets of their soul’s story, where the answers to life’s biggest questions await.

Guided by a skilled therapist, you embark on a sacred exploration through the state of hypnosis. What’s different this time is that you traverse a special route to a relevant past life, where forgotten memories awaken and emotions long dormant come alive. Like a river flowing freely, the ancient traumas and karmic imprints resurface.

The therapist, attuned to your cues and responses, guides you towards letting go of the stuck negative beliefs and emotions. Each step during the session helps you shed the weight of your burdens, disintegrating the chains that once bound you. The pain and challenges that plagued your present existence lose their hold, never again returning to haunt you.

The therapy session brings you healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual levels. Your soul finds solace, and your spirit soars with newfound freedom. A profound sense of peace and wholeness envelops your being.

Hear from Sean how he found answers through Past Life Regression Therapy. To his surprise, his past life and present life bore incredible similarity. Like many skeptical clients before him, he was convinced by the end of the session. Belief in PLRT is optional.

Will Past Life Regression Therapy Work If I Don’t Believe In Past Lives?

One notable aspect of Past Life Regression Therapy is that it does not necessitate a belief in its underlying principles for it to yield positive results. Belief is not a prerequisite for engaging in this therapeutic approach and its effectiveness is not reliant on faith or doctrine. Instead, it operates on the premise of utilising the power of the subconscious mind, devoid of any magical or mystical elements. The primary objective of Past Life Regression Therapy is to facilitate access to the subconscious mind, much like a conventional hypnotherapy session, in order to explore and address present-day challenges.

By delving into the depths of the subconscious mind, the therapist guides individuals to uncover latent memories from the annals of time. The key to success lies in placing trust in one’s thoughts, visualisation abilities, and emotional responses. Through the lens of Past Life Regression Therapy, answers and insights relevant to the individual’s current life circumstances can be revealed. The most crucial factor is to have faith in the information and sensory experiences perceived during the therapy session.

Is Past Life Regression Therapy Compatible with Religious Beliefs?

When considering Past Life Regression Therapy, it is natural to question potential conflicts with religious views. Often, this concern arises from the absence of explicit mentions of past lives within religious scriptures or statements from religious figures dismissing the concept as unfounded or potentially harmful. However, it is important to acknowledge that these perspectives are based on beliefs rather than concrete evidence.

Truth is, Past Life Regression Therapy does not require adherence to a specific religion or belief system. It does not function as a religion itself, but rather as a therapeutic approach that accesses the depths of the subconscious mind. The efficacy of this therapy lies in its ability to tap into subconscious thoughts and experiences, employing techniques similar to those used in hypnotherapy. It is through these tailored instructions that individuals are guided to explore potential past lives.

In other words, a Past Life Regression Therapy session is similar to a regular hypnotherapy session. No religious techniques are used to take you to the memory of a past life.

Understanding The Nature Of Consciousness During Hypnosis

There is a common misconception surrounding hypnosis that suggests a loss of consciousness and surrendering complete control to the hypnotist. However, it is important to clarify that during a hypnotic trance, you do not lose consciousness. On the contrary, maintaining consciousness is vital as it enables you to actively process the information presented by your subconscious mind and gain insight from it.

The hypnotic trance can be likened to a meditative state, where a deep sense of relaxation and focused attention is achieved. It is within this state that the subconscious mind becomes more accessible, allowing for exploration and communication. Throughout the session, you remain fully aware and in control, able to accept or reject any suggestions put forth by the therapist.

It is crucial to understand that hypnosis is not a process of relinquishing power or control; rather, it serves as a facilitator for introspection and self-discovery. Your conscious mind remains engaged, enabling you to actively participate in the therapeutic experience. By retaining this conscious presence, you maintain the ability to discern and evaluate the information and suggestions that arise from your subconscious.

Through sustained awareness and active participation during hypnosis, you can navigate the session with clarity and make choices aligned with your own judgment and comfort. Rest assured that throughout the process, you remain fully aware, empowering you to fully engage and integrate the benefits of the therapy.

Will Reliving Past Life Trauma Impact Me Negatively?

During a Past Life Regression Therapy session, it is crucial to relive the past life trauma as part of the healing process. The objective of the reliving is to facilitate the release of trapped emotions from your cellular memory. While the experience may cause discomfort, have faith that the therapeutic process is designed to support your well-being.

When reliving past life trauma, the therapist plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and supportive space. Their expertise enables them to guide the session while remaining attentive and responsive to your needs. By skillfully navigating the nuances of the therapy, the therapist aims to neutralise and mitigate the impact of the traumatic moments that may arise.

It is vital to emphasise that reliving past life trauma facilitates emotional healing and resolution. By bringing awareness to deeply ingrained patterns, emotions, and experiences, you gain the opportunity to consciously process and release them. While temporary discomfort may occur during the therapeutic journey, it is approached with the goal of fostering long-term healing and personal growth.

By engaging in Past Life Regression Therapy under the guidance of a skilled and compassionate therapist, the potential impact of reliving past life trauma can be managed effectively. With their expertise and your active participation, the therapy can facilitate the release of trapped emotions, leading to a greater sense of emotional freedom and overall well-being.

Will I Always See a Past Life?

While undergoing Past Life Regression Therapy, it is important to understand that visiting a past life is not an assured outcome. The primary objective of the therapy is to guide you towards the source of trauma in order to facilitate healing, regardless of its origin.

As a therapist, our role is to assist you in navigating the therapeutic process and accessing the trauma that requires resolution. This may involve exploring memories from childhood, past lives, or even symbolic representations that may arise during the session. The focus remains on addressing and healing the underlying condition, regardless of where it stems from.

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