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Tap Away Your Problems With EFT Tapping

Do you ever find yourself facing life’s challenges head-on, only to be left feeling emotionally drained and physically overwhelmed? It’s not uncommon to seek unconventional therapies in search of relief, only to be met with disappointment.

I’ve been in that very place, and I understand the sense of hopelessness that can accompany such struggles.

A Desperate Beginning – Thin, Sick, and Nearly Defeated

My journey towards healing began over a decade ago, marked by persistent physical ailments and a profound sense of depression. For years, I battled these issues, desperately seeking answers.

One fateful day, I woke up sick of feeling sick and depressed to the bone. That very day, I made a resolution to unravel the mysteries of my health and made the first step to turn my life around.

The Initial Frustration with EFT Tapping

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), often referred to as tapping, is a widely recognised and effective therapeutic approach within the wellness community.

Tapping is as simple as it sounds. You focus on the offending emotion as you tap on meridians on your body to release it.

The EFT Manual

The EFT Manual by Gary Craig

Feeling hopeful, I pored through The EFT Manual and began applying it to my anxiety problem. Exams and tests would cause my stomach to churn like a washing machine.

No improvement.

Not one to give up easily, I tried it on my digestive problems and chronic fatigue.

Status quo.

Feeling deflated, I chucked EFT into the bin of disappointments.

My Second Encounter with EFT Tapping

Undeterred by my initial setback, I continued my quest for a solution, which eventually led me to the enlightening pages of “The Tapping Solution” by the passionate EFT enthusiast, Nick Ortner. It’s notable that the book read like a novel and was far more engaging than Craig’s book.

The Tapping Tree

The Tapping Tree / The Tapping Solution

Here, I discovered Lindsay Kenny’s insightful “Trauma Tree” framework, which revolutionized my approach to tapping.

The framework illustrated to the reader how to bucket the issues into symptoms, emotions, events, beliefs and finally link them all together. According to the framework, tapping works more effectively on problems lower down on the tree.

That was my a-ha moment! I had previously been tapping only on symptoms.

Armed with newfound knowledge, I methodically listed over 60 distinct issues and organised them according to the “Trauma Tree” framework. After that, I immediately started working on them.

Over the span of 3 months, I relentlessly dedicated myself to EFT Tapping. This came in the form of half hour tapping sessions every single night as I blazed through the list of over 60 problems.

One quiet night, the magic happened.

The Turning Point – A Major Breakthrough

My mom tragically passed away years ago and I had sunk deep into depression. Over the years, I had mostly gotten over it. Or so I thought…

Time does not heal. Time conceals.

One of my debilitating symptoms was chronic diarrhoea. At its worst, the potty and I were best of friends. My guts always felt tangled up like a knot. My tummy had a persistent dull ache that only went away when I fell asleep.

One night, I revisited the memories surrounding my mom’s passing and focused the tapping on these scenes.

Tears of joy as EFT cured my chronic diarrhoea

The gates to the suppressed emotions swung wide open. As I tapped on the “under eye” meridian, I felt an electric pulse zip from that spot to my abdomen. The knots in my guts, which had plagued me for so long, loosened its grip as tears streamed down my cheeks.

Those were the most bittersweet tears that I shed.

Overnight, my chronic diarrhoea nightmare ended. It was nothing short of a miracle!

Continued Successes and the Power of EFT

My success was not limited to this one incredible breakthrough. I continued to address other issues and experienced significant improvements, particularly those rooted in feelings of guilt and shame.

While EFT proved less effective for purely physical symptoms, the healing miracle I had experienced with my chronic digestive problems solidified my belief in the potential of this approach. Nonetheless, I was supremely happy with 5 major breakthroughs. In fact, the unexpected and rapid recovery from my chronic diarrhoea alone sufficed to make me a convert.

Supercharge Your Healing Journey!

In conclusion, it is undeniable that EFT possesses the power to transform lives. If you, like me, have ever felt stuck in your healing journey, it may be time to explore the potential of tapping.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Radiant Flow for a free wellness consultation. Take your next step in the right direction and unlock your own potential for healing and transformation!

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