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Tap Away Your Negativity With EFT

Do you feel that life lets you down? You are an emotional wreck and your body revolts against you. Nothing seems to help. From time to time, a novel therapy gets your hopes up only to lead you back to square one again.

I know precisely how you feel.

Thin, Sick and Nearly Dead

People who seek healing are genuinely suffering. You won’t fix yourself if you’re feeling awesome.

That’s precisely how my journey began.

I woke up one morning more than 10 years ago, up to the neck with symptoms and feeling depressed to the bone. I had been feeling this way for years. That day, I set my resolve to unravel this health mystery and poured my soul into turning my life around.

The False Start

The Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is a popular healing modality in the health community. It’s also known as tapping.

Tapping is as simple as it sounds. You focus on the offending emotion as you tap on meridians on your body.

The EFT Manual

The EFT Manual by Gary Craig

Feeling hopeful, I pored through The EFT Manual and began applying it to my anxiety issue. Before an exam, my stomach would churn like a washing machine ending with trips to the toilet.

No improvement.

Not one to give up easily, I tried it on my digestive problems and chronic fatigue.

Status quo.

Feeling deflated, I chucked EFT into the bin of yet-another-fad.

The Second Beginning

EFT showed up once again in my life. This time, I came across The Tapping Solution book by EFT enthusiast Nick Ortner. The book read like a novel and is far more engaging than Craig’s book.

The Tapping Tree

The Tapping Tree / The Tapping Solution

What caught my eye was Lindsay Kenny’s “The Trauma Tree” framework. It illustrates how to bucket the issues into symptoms, emotions, events, beliefs and link them all together. Generally-speaking, EFT is more effective on issues lower down on the tree, having the most effect on beliefs.

Eureka! In my previous experiment, I had only been tapping on symptoms.

With the newfound knowledge, I identified more than 60 issues and sorted them accordingly. I immediately got to work.

One by one, I burned through the list over 3 months spending half hour every night.

One quiet night, the magic happened.


My mom tragically passed away years ago and I sank deep into depression. Over the years, I had mostly gotten over it. Or so I thought…

Time does not heal. Time conceals.

One of my debilitating symptoms was chronic diarrhoea. At its worst, the potty and I were best of friends. My guts always felt tangled up like a knot which manifested as a dull ache.

One night, I came to tap on this incident. I replayed the scenes leading to her death as I tapped on the meridians.

Tears of joy as EFT cured my chronic diarrhoea

The gates to the suppressed emotions swung wide open. As I tapped on the “under eye” meridian, I felt an electric pulse zip from there to my abdomen. The knots in my guts loosened its grip as tears streamed down my cheeks.

Those were the happiest tears I shed.

Overnight, my chronic diarrhoea nightmare ended.

The Saga Continues

Feeling encouraged, I continued to work on the remaining issues. Out of the 60+ issues, I achieved major health improvements with 5 of them which had to do with guilt and shame.

True enough, EFT was ineffective on physical symptoms which made up half the list. Nonetheless, I was supremely happy with 5 success cases. In fact, the healing miracle of my diarrhoea sufficed to make me a convert.

Are You Ready to Tap?

It’s irrefutable that EFT is effective and it has the potential to transform your life.

Feeling stuck in your healing journey? Try tapping on your problems!

Drop us a message for a free wellness consult. Take your next step in the right direction!

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