Hypnosis: Real Deal or Hocus-Pocus?

Hypnosis: Real Deal or Hocus-Pocus?

It’s been an incredible 4 years since I ventured into the wacky world of therapy work. Till today, I still marvel at the fact that my clients significantly recover, if not fully. I’m astonished that the mind is really that powerful!

Still, that sneaky little doubting Thomas in me insists on asking “Are these folks actually hypnotised?”

Well, today, my friends, I finally got a straight answer.

Picture this: A man came for a hypnotherapy session. Let’s give him a creative name like… Thomas!

As Thomas and I casually discussed his issues, he sipped some water. I panicked for a second. What if he needed to dash to the toilet in the middle of the mind-bending session? I felt relieved when I remembered that he had just visited the washroom. After all, men’s bladders are made of steel.

Your Eyes Are Sealed Shut And You Cannot Open Them

In the midst of the induction process, I would throw in the command “Now make yourself believe that your eyes are sealed shut and you cannot open them. The harder you try, the more difficult it becomes.”

In theory, this magical phrase instructs the subconscious mind into doing as said, making the whole session a breeze. I’ll explain why… eventually. Keep reading!

Hypnosis: Real Deal or Hocus-Pocus?

Thomas frowned and fidgeted and doubt started creeping in like an uninvited guest at a hypnosis party. You see, men being rational beings of great skepticism, have a knack for struggling to plunge into the depths of hypnosis. Once more, my wild imagination told me that Thomas wasn’t that deep in hypnosis.

I soldiered on with the session and some interesting past issues surfaced. We reframed them, made peace with them, packed them up like emotional suitcases, and bid them sayonara. It was the run-of-the-mill, everyday stuff.

My Eyes Are Sealed Shut And I Really Cannot Open Them!

As we neared the end, Thomas’s fidgeting reached a high. I couldn’t help but wonder if my unforgiving mattress was to blame. Mental note: I seriously need to upgrade the mattress.

Things took an unexpected turn. Barely two minutes away from wrapping up, Thomas sat up and lifted his legs like the boat pose in hatha yoga. Then he blurted out, “I need to use the toilet, but I cannot open my eyes!”

Now, I may not have a PhD in hypnotherapy, but I sure have a black belt in keeping calm. With utmost reassurance, I said, “Just lie back down, and I’ll quickly count you out.” I rattled off the rest of the session like I was high on caffeine.

“One, two, three, four, five. Eyes open, wide awake.”

Thomas popped open his eyes with a noticeably shocked look. I tried my best to maintain my professional demeanour, but my face couldn’t hide the sheer amusement that danced across it.

And then, with a mix of surprise and desperation, Thomas gravely exclaimed, “I want to get up and open my eyes but I really cannot open them!”

With confidence, I proudly declared, “You just experienced hypnosis. Quick! Go for the toilet.”

Why Do The Eyes Need To Stay Shut?

Calling all science geeks! This one’s for you. Grab your white lab coat because we’re diving deep into brain waves territory!Hypnosis: Real Deal or Hocus-Pocus?

Scientists have categorised brain waves in an ascending order of awareness: delta, theta, alpha, beta, gamma. And without getting tangled up in the weeds, your brain is firing on all cylinders in beta mode when you’re awake and doing stuff. On the other hand, when you’re busy daydreaming or meditating, your brain waves calm down to alpha mode.

Here’s where it gets interesting. To get into a hypnotic trance, your brain waves have to chill in alpha mode. And to even get there, you gotta shut your eyes. So if you’re opening your eyes willy-nilly during hypnosis, you’re basically flushing your money down the toilet.

Does The Command Work On Everyone?

No it doesn’t. But wait! The toilet bowl isn’t flushing just yet…

Contrary to popular belief, opening your eyes during hypnosis won’t make all your progress vanish into thin air. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen. I’ve had clients who’ve popped their eyes wide open midway and they still see results by the end of the therapy.

Recovery is a wild beast that roams on a spectrum from 0% to 100%. It’s like our marathoner pals, Jane and Beryl. Jane bounces back from a gruelling marathon in just two days, while Beryl takes a whole week. Both of them cross the finish line at their own pace anyway. So, my friends, never underestimate the power of your own unique recovery journey. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Stop Doubting Like A Thomas, Eugene

My clients never fail to enlighten me with their wisdom. This particular gem has eradicated any lingering doubts I had about the powers of hypnotherapy. I’ve come to realise that doubting the process is as useful as wearing a raincoat in a desert. Pointless!

Trust the darn process Eugene. Stop. Doubting.

Are you ready to embark on a grand journey of problem-solving through the enchanting realm of hypnosis? If the answer is a resounding “yeah!”, reach out to me for a free wellness consult. Let’s unravel the mysteries of your mind and conquer those pesky problems together!


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