How Reiki Can Transform Your Life

The Heater In The Sleeves

“I am a very curious woman. I said to myself, ‘I am going to investigate how they are doing this [Reiki]. What makes me feel first the warmth then actual heat emanating from their hands?’ I looked under the table, at the ceiling, everywhere. I could find no cords or instruments. Then I thought, ‘Aha, sleeves.’ Dr. Hayashi’s assistants wore the Japanese kimono with the long sleeves, which hold pockets. They worked so silently. There was no talking.”

“My moment came. When I was being treated I suddenly grabbed the practitioner by the pocket.”

“He was startled, but thinking I needed some Kleenex thoughtfully handed me some. I said ‘No, I want to see the machine in your pocket.’ He burst into uncontrolled laughter.”

Reiki master Mrs Hawayo Takata recounts her amusing first brush with Reiki.

“Dr. Hayashi came on to see what the commotion was about and was told. He smiled and shook his head,” Mrs. Takata recalls. “He proceeded to give her the explanation of a Universal Life Force. He said, ‘Whenever you feel the contact, all I know is that I have reached this great Universal Life Force, and it comes through me to you. These – he held up his hands, are the electrodes… That force begins to revitalize and restore the balance of your entire system.”

Energy Is Here, There And Everywhere

The universe is teeming with energy. American theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler succinctly puts it: “No point is more central than this, that empty space is not empty. It is the seat of the most violent physics.”

Technology has enabled the transmission of invisible energy across space, such as WiFi and GPS.

Humans can too! Watch this Qigong master use his bare hands to start a fire and this monk use his palms to calm the swelling in a person’s hands. Also, our heart emits biomagnetic radiation detectable by instruments.

Prana, Qi, Ki are three of the many names for the same mysterious life force that is all around us and within us at the same time. We can draw on this energy for our healing needs.

Channelling Energy From The Universe

Reiki and Qigong are birds of a feather. The Japanese kanji characters best explains it.

Reiki in traditional kanji

In Reiki 靈氣, the practitioner 巫 (priestess) is the medium 口 (container) that receives 气 energy from the environment 雨 (rain), that is channelled 米 (dispersed) to the intended recipient.

Simply put, Reiki is the art of channeling energy from the environment to a person, object or intent.

For a scholarly review of the Reiki words, read What Does the Reiki Kanji Mean?

Transform Your Life With Reiki

A Reiki practitioner is “attuned” to receive energy, allowing her to channel it to do good. Anyone can be trained to do it.

Reiki can be called the laying on of hands as described in the bible for a good reason. The hands are most useful for sending energy so most practitioners attune them. However, any body part can be attuned. Practitioners whose arms are disabled, for example, can attune their feet.

To channel Reiki, the healer places her hands on or over the client’s body, moving them at intervals to send energy to other spots on the body. The client may feel warmth like in Takata’s case, an emotional release or possibly nothing at all. The sensation varies but the energy tap is always on.

Apart from healing, Reiki can also be used to cleanse a room and to improve a relationship. As you can see, Reiki is like a tap of subtle energy. You are the hose who can direct it towards anything!

Reiki From A Rational Perspective

Masaru Emoto discovered that human intent can change the structure of water and even affect the growth of plants. We humans can impact our environment without touching it. To add, Einstein posited with E=mc² that energy and matter are so deeply entangled that it’s impossible to consider them as independent elements. We’re more connected to each other and our environment than we think.

Whether or not we realise it, we constantly send subtle energy to our environment 24/7. It’s invisible. It’s hardly detectable. Taking the abundant energy from our environment for healing and other needs is what Reiki is about.

Don’t take my word for it; science agrees with Reiki too. Reiki Is Better Than Placebo concludes that Reiki displays a positive effect on patients.

Why Would I Need Reiki?

Because you want to heal.

If you have tried therapy after therapy to heal and didn’t find success, Reiki could be for you. The issue is sometimes in the energy body and Reiki works on it directly.

Give it a go and be surprised!

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